Published On: Fri, Jul 23rd, 2021

Winning sales on colour

Deceuninck customer, Nolan PVC-U, has gained a competitive advantage through the strength of its colour offer. Windows Active reports

“We have noticed a big shift in demand for colour and finish,” says Jason James, Managing Director, Nolan PVC-U. “On average, at least half of our order volume is foiled but there are periods when that is higher, closer to 60%. “Deceuninck has played a significant role in helping us to tap into that demand. We have been in situations where we are quoting homeowners for a house full of new windows and we have discussed options for colour but they are on the fence because they’ve already looked into it and they’ve been told that they’ve got to wait.

“We’ve been able to show them a huge range of colours – up to the 30 finishes available from stock – and we’ve been able to sell it to them on the strength of the lead time,” he adds. “The quality of Deceuninck’s supply has meant the difference between settling for an order of white windows or being able to win a sale on colour and the additional margins that brings.”

Based in Carmarthen and supplying to a mix of trade, retail and commercial clients across South Wales, Nolan PVC-U has been in business for over 30 years. In that time, it has developed an enviable reputation for customer service and more recently, has enjoyed a significant increase in demand from the retail sector.

Fuelled in part by lockdown, it has also been a result of switching supply to Deceuninck around two years ago, a partnership that introduced Nolan to class leading products such as the Heritage Flush Sash and Slider24 patio door, but which also brought with it a competitive advantage to sell on colour and finish.

“Deceuninck’s strength of supply has been outstanding,” continues Jason. “Throughout lockdown, they didn’t miss a beat, it allowed us to carry on operating, it put us in a strong position. We are selling more colour than ever before – in fact I can’t remember the last time we sold a flush casement or a Slider24 patio in plain white!”

“The majority of our customers want to specify their new windows and doors with a foiled finish, even when their budget might prevent them from doing so” he adds. “Where they can, they will go for it, but sometimes it will be a case of settling for standard white windows and introducing colour on the front door. We have also noticed a shift towards greys; anthracite grey is extremely popular at the moment, and it has prompted customers to enquire about other colours in matt finishes, such as agate grey and Chartwell green,” continues Jason. “That’s in comparison to more traditional finishes, including woodgrains, that are certainly not as popular as they used to be.”

Jason’s comments follow a recent study, commissioned exclusively by Deceuninck and carried out by YouGov, that revealed 75% of homeowner’s now rate colour as an important factor when purchasing replacement windows and doors. The survey, which identified consumer preferences for replacement windows for a wide range of factors, including energy efficiency, security, and price, also showed that age played a significant part in the purchasing decision.

Greys, such as anthracite or agate, were among the most popular of finishes in Deceuninck’s survey, with 17% of respondents saying that it would be their first colour choice if they were to change their windows. However, greys and blacks were significantly more popular with a younger demographic, particularly in the 25-34 category, with anthracite grey the first choice of 12% of those surveyed. In contrast, only 5% of over 55s would opt for grey, preferring instead a more traditional finish. In this older demographic, rosewood and Irish oak scored highly, with 16% and 14% respectively naming it as their first choice.

“The results of Deceuninck’s report certainly support what we have experienced at Nolan,” says Jason. “Through our own research, looking at the data from online enquires, website visits and our online quote engine, we have noticed that the age of our key target demographic has come down. That used to be people aged 55 and over, and now it is much closer to those in their mid-30s. It all ties in very neatly with the fact we are selling more greys and less woodgrains!

“Partnering with Deceuninck has given us a competitive advantage on colour,” he concluded. “We are able to make the most of current market conditions and we are in a position to offer our homeowner customers something that are competitors simply can’t match.”