Published On: Thu, Jun 14th, 2018

Corgi Fenestration announced as sponsor of Building Our Skills initiative

Corgi Fenestration is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the new Building Our Skills initiative from GQA Qualifications.  Building Our Skills is a strategic initiative designed to help bridge the widening skills gap which is developing in the fenestration industry. Its primary objective is to encourage new entrants to join the industry, and to develop their skills through qualifications and training. 

“Corgi Fenestration is strongly supportive of this initiative from our qualifications partner GQA Qualifications,” commented Corgi Fenestration CEO, Chris Mayne.  “We agree with GQA that it is vital for the fenestration industry to make itself an attractive employment option for school leavers and career changers.  This starts to address the skills gap in our sector – and also strongly promotes qualifications and ongoing training which we believe is vital.”

The Building Our Skills initiative was officially launched on 1st June.

Building Our Skills will be a place where young people, and those wishing to change careers can learn about the Fenestration industry and what makes it attractive as a career choice. It will detail: 

–       The workstreams and career pathways available within the industry. 

–       The career progression opportunities within each workstream. 

–       The financial opportunities within each workstream. 

–       How those joining the industry can gain access to qualifications and structured on- going training programmes.

–       Job opportunities available to new entrants to the industry. 

–       How new entrants can undertake personal and professional development over the life-span of their career in the industry. 

The campaign will demonstrate to parents, potential new young employees and career changers how the fenestration industry has a modern and innovative outlook, is highly technical and offers opportunities for all skill levels. 

If your business would like to get involved with Building Our Skills please contact, Mick Clayton CEO of GQA Qualifications –