Published On: Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

GGF defends double glazing companies on BBC radio

NR M3Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive defended the double glazing industry live on BBC Radio Leeds on Thursday 26th June (at 11.40am) outlining why homeowners should always use a GGF Member company.

The programme featured a case where the homeowner was dissatisfied with the finish around PVC-U doors that had just been installed. Presenter Wes Butters expressed surprise on the programme that in all the time he has being doing his consumer complaint shows, this was the first complaint on double glazing.

The presenter contacted the GGF to pose questions to Nigel Rees. Here is an edited transcript with a selection of the questions asked and answers given.

Wes Butters: Why does double glazing get such bad press?

Nigel Rees: The (industry’s) image was poor many years ago, but a lot has been done to try and improve it. Certainly at the Glass and Glazing Federation and though our Membership we strive to put consumers first. The shame is, there are millions of installations each year and the good ones go unnoticed but it’s the bad ones that stand out and unfortunately tarnish our industry.    

Wes Butters: Are there cowboys out there, taking advantage of people?

Nigel Rees: There are companies out there not just in the window industry but in a lot of industries ready to take advantage. Wherever possible, we hope will come in to improve that. Last week, we saw a new piece of legislation in the Consumer Rights Directive which is aimed at protecting consumers. 

Wes Butters: In the case of our caller John (the consumer who was dissatisfied with his PVC-U doors), where can he go for help? 

Nigel Rees: I can only speak for GGF Members, but we run a free consumer conciliation service, so if such a situation arose, we would take that case up on behalf of the consumer to our Member and try to ensure the work was rectified. 

Wes Butters: So you recommend that if you are going to get a double glazing company in (to do an installation), then make sure they are part of the Federation? 

Nigel Rees: Certainly. Always get a number of quotes but look first to the GGF and we’ll ensure you’ll have all the necessary protection.


To hear the full interview please follow the BBC iPlayer link below and go to 2:42:28 on the time line bar.

Please note that this interview is only available on iPlayer until 3rd July 2014.