Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

GGFi highlights successful claims process

GGFi are the dedicated insurance company for the glass and glazing industry and have recently revealed that the majority of its claims made in the last 18 months were actioned successfully, highlighting the company’s smooth claims process. 

Ask anyone with any experience with insurance and they will tell you without hesitation – claims are the most important function of any insurance business. It is only at the point of claiming on a policy that the products offered by an insurance company are truly put to the test- regardless of glossy brochures, ‘cut-price’ premiums and bold promises, it is the claims process that delivers the value of any insurance policy. 

Since it was formed in 2005, GGFi has continued to strive to provide ever-greater levels of service to its claimants to ensure that its policies are worth far more than simply the paper they are printed on.

Frank Allain, Head of Operations commented “In the twelve years of our existence, we have received and settled over a thousand claims for all manner of problems – from something as simple as a faulty handle to large-scale conservatory rebuilds, GGFi’s claim function has developed considerably over the last decade and we are proud to say it’s one of the best in the industry.” 

Home improvements can be a source of considerable distress to homeowners when things become problematic. With many homeowners making considerable financial investment – uncovering any significant problem can be a real blow but doubly so when it’s discovered that the company doing the work no longer exists. GGFi recognises how homeowners can suffer misfortune during and after home improvement work which is why GGFi is driven to continually improve the service it provides to claimants.

Frank continued, “We are receiving ever-higher volumes of claims. To underline our commitment to our policyholders, for the past 18 months, GGFi has been working closely with the national firm VPS Evander to deliver prompt, quality repair works and the highest levels of customer care to our claimants. 

Winning the Insurance Claims Innovator of the Year award at the National Claim Awards in 2017 clearly highlights the standards that VPS Evander works to. This was emphasised by VPS Evander’s National Account Manager Graeme Mutch, ‘Customer care is central to everything we do. We understand the stress and concerns that defective home improvements works can cause people – we look to remove that stress entirely by providing a friendly, straightforward service and fully resolving all problems as quickly as possible. We take pride in our standards as evidenced by the prestigious awards we have won.’

Frank Allain concluded, “The continual improvements we are making to our systems, our experience with claims handling and our dedication to providing fair treatment to customers is reflected in the positive feedback we have received from our claimants. It is a testament to the dedication of our claims handling team and the efficiency of our systems that we have not only been able to handle these claims quickly and efficiently but also provide the highest levels of service alongside this. The policyholder of today is the potential claimant of the future – GGFi understands this fully and therefore, this belief flows through into every aspect of our insurance philosophy.”

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