Published On: Thu, Nov 22nd, 2018

‘On the Pulse’ – GGFi best placed for the Glazing Sector

In many respects, one of the unique strengths of GGFi is their position within the fenestration industry. Not only do they share an office with the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), but GGFi is also located in the heart of the UK’s financial markets.This places GGFi in an enviable place with access to the best of both of the worlds in which they operate. As a provider of quality bespoke insurance in the glazing sector with access to the industry knowledge and technical expertise of the GGF, the GGFi gains a thorough understanding of their clients and their needs. When running a glazing company numerous challenges can arise such as, changes in the technical and regulatory landscape as well as problems that can occur with suppliers and manufacturers. As industry experts, the GGF’s ability goes above and beyond; therefore, GGFi can call upon this wealth of knowledge to help them provide better support to their registered businesses and their policy holders.

GGFi Claims Handler Tom Fellowes commented: “Having a close relationship with the GGF has proved to be very valuable in helping us resolve complex claims. The knowledge contained really helps us drill down on some of the more technical and challenging situations that can arise when our insurance policies are put to the test as a result of a claim.” Jaspreet Harrar, Business Analyst for Correlation Risk Partners works closely with GGFi in providing Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) products and underlines the value of this: “With GGFi being so close to our offices, it makes communication so much easier. Of course, we can communicate over the phone or via email, but nothing beats the engagement of a face-to-face meeting. Especially when facing complex or involved discussions, it is easier for us to meet up with the GGFi team at short notice and go over things in detail.” There are also a large number of insurance seminars and workshops held within the City of London on a wide variety of relevant topics. Attendance at these events enables GGFi to ensure that their knowledge of the insurance industry is kept up to date. Market developments and any changes to regulations can have a significant impact on how GGFi operates and therefore, by extension on the services, they can provide to customers. By ensuring that GGFi is on the pulse with regards to the glazing sector and the insurance industry, the company is well placed to provide their clients with expert knowledge and competitive rates. E: