Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

‘A boutique testing and certification service ’

The increasing demand on fabricators and systems companies to supply windows and doors that meet stringent standards is a common characteristic of the modern-day fenestration market. Installers are now following the lead of architects and developers and demanding windows and doors that are tested and certified to meet the requirements of building regulations. The new-build sector has taken the lead in this area as it is now a requirement for all windows and doors to adhere to relevant standards.

The interesting consequence is that fabricators supplying into the domestic replacement market are now using Secured by Design and PAS24:2016 to help differentiate their products. This is having a positive knock-on effect with installers and retailers who are finding that offering windows and doors to homeowners with PAS24:2016 alongside the recognisable police-backed Secured by Design approval is helping to close the sale.

Against this backdrop, fabricators and systems companies are increasingly working closely with testing and certification bodies. Wintech Testing & Certification are specialists in this field and have been working with some of the industry’s leading names. The vastly experienced company offers a wide range of services from testing and certification across a host of fenestration-related products including windows, doors, curtain walling, rainscreens and glazed roof lights. A walk around Wintech’s testing facility in Telford is an eye-opening experience and gives a sneak view of the many ongoing projects involving testing of differing fenestration products. Director Steve Bramhill heads up the current drive to attract more fabricator and systems company customers. “As an independent UKAS-accredited testing laboratory and certification body we are able to offer a complete service to customers. We are well known for our product testing services, and we are keen to also emphasise the certification side of the business. We are not as large as other major UKAS-accredited scheme providers, but we are able to offer a boutique service that is designed very much with the customer in mind. The people we have at Wintech, and the services we provide through these people are second to none.”

By offering a more boutique service, Wintech have been able to work more closely with their customers. Steve outlines a common situation: “A typical scenario would be a manufacturer calling to say we have a new patio door that needs testing in accordance with PAS 24:2016. Often this type of customer wants to carry out this exercise in line with a requirement of Document Q. In some cases they need to get this particular product added to their current scope with Secured by Design. This needs them to follow a certification path, and it is here where we can offer our accreditation services. If they are certified using another UKAS-accredited scheme, we can provide the testing that will satisfy the requirement of those schemes. In an ideal world we would like them to transfer their certification scheme over to Wintech. It’s an easy process.”

A necessity in new building projects, the importance of PAS 24: 2016 is filtering through to the residential sector. Steve points out: “In many cases in the mind of the consumer, a door or window populated with many locks and hooks is the most secure option. In reality, a product with fewer locks and hooks but with PAS 24:2016 is far more secure. If two companies are selling a similar product it can help to differentiate. If one says I’m going to join Secured by Design and go down the route of certifying the product to prove it is compliant with the requirements of Secured by Design, they can then use the logo which is recognised by the general public. With PAS 24: 2016, this product is more marketable and you can see why it is worth investing in going through this process. “We also want to work with all companies who are members of Secured by Design and those wanting a more hands-on, customer-focused service from their testing and certification provider. The beauty is we can transfer the certification of existing products over to us, and for future products, we are obviously able to test and certify.”

An important aspect of Wintech’s offering is its affordability. When coupled with its approachable and responsive service, the company is the perfect partner for fabricators who are entering the testing and certification environment for the first time. Steve adds: “The marketplace is waking up to the importance of producing products that meet current regulations and this situation is only going to get more stringent. With a realistic pricing structure we are able to cater for all levels of the industry. In simple terms we can test a product for PAS 24; 2016 for between £900 and £2,000 and offer market-leading short lead times. We are approachable and refreshingly different when we stand shoulder to shoulder with our competitors.” If you are looking to have your products tested and certified or looking for an alternative provider, Steve and the team at Wintech Testing & Certification are on hand to answer all your queries.

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