Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2023

Avantek Machinery drives home the importance of well-serviced machines

“You spend tens of thousands of pounds on a car, then countless man-hours looking after it and making sure it’s running smoothly, clean and polished. So why wouldn’t you look after machinery that costs hundreds of thousands and directly supports your business?” 

It’s a question that puzzles Jamie Munday, Sales Director at Avantek Machinery, who continues: “It’s a strange one, but you’d be surprised at how many companies in the fenestration industry don’t properly maintain their expensive equipment!”

Jamie explains: “Quality, efficiency, and customer service can all suffer when fabrication machinery is not performing optimally. Ultimately, this can be both dangerous for the workforce and harmful to a business’s reputation.”

This is an area where Avantek Machinery can help, as Jamie confirms: “We stock top machinery brands including SuperCut, Wegoma, and U-R-B-A-N, and pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and ongoing technical and maintenance support. But these additional services aren’t just available to customers purchasing machinery from Avantek. Through our dedicated UK-based team of specialist Field Engineers, we can also provide stand-alone service contracts.

“For example, we recently worked with Bedfordshire Windows during the supply and installation of their new Digi Saw. While our team was on site, they asked if we could repair some of their existing machinery, despite Avantek not being the original supplier. Our level of expertise and depth of industry experience means we can work with pretty much any fenestration machinery, so this was no problem,” explains Jamie.

Gary Walker, Director at Bedfordshire Windows comments: “Our machines needed servicing to bring them back up to spec. After using Avantek for our Digi Saw, I contacted them to see if they could also help with the servicing of our existing machinery, as I found them to be knowledgeable and flexible – as well as supplying us with the consumables our machines need to run smoothly. They were only too happy to help and arranged for a Service Engineer to visit. I feel confident that if a breakdown occurred the Avantek team would be able to get us back up and running really quickly, which is very important to our business.”

Jamie concludes: “My message to managers and directors in the window and door industry is that premium product quality, customer satisfaction, and safety on the production line are paramount, and central to all these elements is well-serviced machinery functioning exactly as it was designed to.”