Published On: Thu, Nov 22nd, 2018

Research says flush sash forecasted to become a mainstream window

Independent research of the PVC-U flush sash market reports nearly half of the fabricators interviewed see flush sashes becoming as important as standard casement windows in the next 10 years. And a quarter of those who don’t make flush sashes now said they expected to start in the next twelve months. The research was undertaken for Timberweld® by MRA Research. Timberweld is a patented method of welding perfect corners to create an authentic timber-look butt-joint effect. Uniquely, Timberweld allows fabricators to create the timber-look on both sides of the window.

Earlier this year Timberweld commissioned MRA Research to conduct independent research into the flush sash and timber-alternative market with fabricators. All the fabricators interviewed welded their flush sashes, with 85% of joints (by volume) being welded and 15% mechanically jointed. Ninety percent of those who welded, welded conventionally with 45-degree corner grooves. “Most of the fabricators who were interviewed loved the look of the flush sash, in particular the timber-look butt joints,” comments Alan Burgess, Managing Director of Timberweld. “They saw demand growing fast, but a significant number thought mechanically jointing was ‘a pain to fabricate’ and want to weld to meet volume demand cost effectively. And ‘aesthetically’, hidden welding was rated the best.”

Alan adds: “The research echoes what we’ve found in the market – fabricators are looking to create a timber-look butt-joint cost-effectively at scale, in order to take advantage of the opportunities the flush sash market offers. For further details on the research or to find out how you can obtain a licence to manufacture Timberweld call 01376 510 410 or email and follow @Timberweld.