Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2020

COVID 19 Home Improvement Industry Impact Survey Results

  • 85% increase in consumer detriment as a result of COVID19 pandemic
  • Two thirds of home improvement professionals and supply chain manufacturers have received abuse, either online or face to face from the public for staying open to complete essential works while adhering to social distancing
  • 50% believe opportunism by rogue traders who are neglecting social distancing and targeting vulnerable households is a significant risk

Coronavirus. Global Pandemic: National Challenge

The United Kingdom, along with almost 20% of the world’s population, is in lockdown due to the threat of the COVID19 pandemic. The restrictions placed on everyone during this period are “stay at home” as much as possible to protect yourself and others and “work from home” unless you are providing an essential service. 

These guidelines are for our own protection and the protection of those around us. We fully support the government in adhering to these rules.  We have advised our members and followers to stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS and that customers’ homes (sites) should be made safe and secure and that only works which are essential and / or vulnerable households should be continued and only then when social distancing rules can be safely adhered to.

Findings from the national survey conducted by the NHIC in the first week of the lockdown (26th March 2020 to 3 April 2020) clearly shows a significant risk of consumer detriment alongside a need for clearer guidance on the stay at home restrictions.  

Consumers (home owners and tenants) are clearly vulnerable as a result of COVID19 and at risk of falling foul of

  • Rogue traders (over charging, underperforming)
  • Grey economy shortfalls
  • Non-compliant products and or installations

Home improvement and RMI companies, installers and supply chain manufacturers are vulnerable as a result of COVID19 and at risk of falling foul of;

  • Cash flow implications from the stay at home guidance
  • Going out of business
  • Loosing valuable skills and resources due to having to lay staff off

As a result, the sector is under significant strain and under unprecedented risk to future failure as a result of

  • Reputable companies going out of business
  • Trade associations and membership support organisations going out of business
  • Sector being flooded by un trained, unskilled workers from other sectors who find themselves out of work following COVID19 layoffs

Anna Scothern Chief Executive at NHIC said “The significant risk to consumer detriment is extremely worrying and we call on government to support the home improvement and RMI sector as a priority alongside mainstream construction, engineering and new housebuilding”. 

The NHIC is an ambassador for collaborative action, representing 100,000 home improvement and RMI sector professionals while working across the sector, wider industry and consumer groups to raise all homes up to modern living standards while inspiring and supporting householders to renovate, refurbish and improve their homes with confidence.

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