Published On: Mon, Apr 27th, 2020

Outdoor views can help with mental health, shows research from Origin

Almost 80% of Brits say seeing a nice outdoor view makes them feel more positive and relaxed. This research was in the form of a survey conducted by bifold door manufacturer Origin Global, asking the general UK public: “Does having a nice view of the outdoors make you feel relaxed/positive?” Around 20% of respondents claimed it doesn’t, while eight in ten stated it did help them feel more relaxed and positive. Ben Brocklesby, sales and marketing director at Origin Global, said: “Nature can bring a lot of positive feelings when it comes to mental wellbeing, these are often underestimated and may be taken for granted. Merely looking at a nice view can help with stress and relaxation.”

There are many proven benefits of bringing nature into your everyday life and spending time outdoors, these include: improving mood, reducing stress and anger and making you feel more relaxed. Simply viewing scenes of nature can do all of these, meaning everybody can connect with nature regardless of their lifestyles as they can simply see the outdoors from their home. However, this is not the case for everybody as some homes may be in a city, have limited views or simply feel too overlooked to enjoy the view they do have.

Ben added: “Even those with a limited view and outdoor space can enhance the natural light they have available and bring the outdoors in, whether this is done by simply using more greenery in the home, reflecting light with mirrors or installing larger windows and glass doors such as bifolds.”

Previous research highlights the British public’s thoughts on nature and mental wellbeing with more than a third of Brits stating they would consider relocating to the countryside for the peace and quiet, while a further 30% said they would be drawn to the tranquillity of beautiful scenery. Fresh air is also the reason 31.7% of Brits would choose to dine al fresco.

There is a range of ways the public can maximise their connection to nature, including:
• Changing furniture layout to gain the most natural daylight
• Swapping out heavy curtains or blinds for lighter options such as voile drapes
• Considering bifold doors to create a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors.